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Our team offers you an overview about our case studies to help you to understand our expertise and our capacities through our services: microbiome, central lab, clinical trials, biometrics and data science.

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Clinical trials

Safety and suitability of an infant formula in healthy term infants

Randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blinded study of the effect of plant extracts on glucose and lipid homeostasis in subjects with dysglycemia

Randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blinded study to evaluate the effect of probiotics on gut function in healthy Chinese adults​

Evaluation of the efficacy of a symbiotic infant formula on the incidence of gastrointestinal infectious diseases during the first year of life

case study biofortis clinical trial placebo medical device

Efficacy and safety of a nasal spray versus placebo in the treatment of early symptoms of common cold in adults

Central Lab & Microbiome

case study central lab microbiome analysis samples

Analysis of samples from patients treated for a liver disease

case study central lab microbiome cardiac pathology

Pharma clinical study on a heart pathology

case study central lab microbiome stool sample collection oncology

Pharma clinical study in oncology with a stool sample collection

case study central lab microbiome cancer

Pharma clinical study in patients treated for cancer

case study central lab microbiome stool samples b2c population

Collection of stool samples at room temperature from a B2C population for microbiota analysis

Biometrics and Data Science

Cancerology in French hospitals

Agro-industries / Manufacturing process

Preclinical Data / Drug development

Clinical trial in body weight management area

Animal-feed company collecting data for many years in the framework of the development of new products

Medical Writing

case study clinical study report biofortis scientific and medical writing

Valorise a clinical study report into a peer-reviewed publication

case study food supplement biofortis scientific and medical writing

Help design a clinical study to assess the efficacy of a food supplement