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Our Data Science Platform, which includes experts in the valorisation of clinical and microbiome data, leverages the latest artifical intelligence methodologies and best practices in our field to meet each client’s needs and goals. 

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Many clients come to us feeling frustrated by the results of traditional approaches or wanting to know more about their product. They are convinced of the efficacy and added value of their product, but they havent seen the outcomes they hoped for. They are looking for a different way of working, one that is more flexible, collaborative, and effective. 

Your data is a goldmine waiting to be explored

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Our Data Science Platform in Biofortis


Our Data Science Packs

Turn key approaches to explore and value your data

SIGNATURE - Reveal the key differences to learn meaningful traits

Using machine learning and published methods adapted to your design, the Signature Pack extracts and identifies microbiome and clinical parameters that most differentiate your sub-population of interest. Understand and characterise your product more precisely to derive scientific and marketing values. ​

ANONYMISATION - Free your data information without the risk

Would you like to reuse data for other studies, communicate on internal research, or just publish sensitive data? By becoming GDPR-compliant, our Anonymisation Pack AnonyMine gives a second life to the data you generate.

Our platform AnonyMine is specialized in high-dimensional data such as clinical and microbiome, and leverages AI simulation approaches to anonymise data while preserving key statistical and biological information. 

Using in-house algorithm, get the best possible quality/confidentiality ratio.

MICROBIOME FRIENDLY - Assess the neutrality of your product intake on the gut microbiome

In some cases, it is insightful to ensure that the gut microbiome remains unaffected by the intake of a product.

The Microbiome Friendly Pack makes innovative use of published dysbiosis indices and machine learning approaches. If the natural microbiome evolution is not disturbed by product intake, gain marketing value and label your product as microbiome friendly.

META-ANALYSIS - Combine previous studies for increased power and insight

Using well-established statistical procedures and machine learning approaches, our Meta-Analysis Pack provides the scientific ground for stronger claims, better market insights or deeper scientific understanding.

From the integration of your own data to published clinical research, promote your product more easily thanks to a more precise description of its efficacy and the factors that may influence it.


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