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Since nearly 20 years, Biofortis, specialized in design and conduct of experimentalpre-clinical and clinical studies, offers global and continuous solutions to help substantiate your products and maximize their market impact. Biofortis, is a CRO which serves innovation through pre-clinical and clinical trials

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Human data and Novel Food application

In the European Union, any food that was not consumed to a significant degree before May 1997 is defined as a novel food. This definition is broad and complex, including many types of...

Biofortis continues its development alongside Institut Mérieux

Benoît Fouchaq, CEO of Biofortis SASAs part of a new strategy, Mérieux NutriSciences has decided to sell the majority of Biofortis’ shares to its Management, through a “Management Buy-Out” project....
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[EVENT] Biofortis is sponsor of IHMC 2021

International HumanMicrobiome Consortium Congress (IHMC)June, 27th to 29th 2021Biofortis is proud to announce that we will be silver sponsor to the IHMC 2021. We are looking forward to catching up...
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[INFOGRAPHICS] What happened in Biofortis, since January 2021 ?

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New EasyBioM® V3 launch offer*!

New EasyBioM® V3 launch offer*!Try the new version and get 30% off your shotgun analyses !*EasyBioM® is the Biofortis application for customized visualization of metagenomic data. This offer is...
Alliance Promotion Microbiote Biofortis

[Communiqué de Presse] Lancement de l’Alliance Promotion Microbiote

Lancement de l’Alliance Promotion MicrobioteLe 29 mars 2021 – L’Alliance Promotion Microbiote est lancée : fruit de l’union d’une quinzaine d’acteurs publics et privés engagés (instituts de...
Atelier microbiome AFCROs

[EVENT] Atelier “Le microbiome, un compagnon des développements thérapeutiques : fondamentaux, savoir-faire et pratique”

31 mars 2021 de 9h30 à 12h : Atelier produits de santé et microbiomeA l’occasion du Printemps de la Recherche Clinique de l’AFCROs, Biofortis vous propose un atelier autour du thème “Le microbiome,...

[POSTER] What about Nasal Microbiota?

Morgane Pierre, Sophie Le Fresne-Languille & Thomas Carton, Biofortis Mérieux NutriSciences The nasal cavity is a highly complex air-filled space with several distinct zones. As the first part...
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[EVENT] – Microbiome Drug Development Europe 2021

5th Microbiome Movement Drug Development Europe 2021 28th-29th of January Come and e-meet us at the 5th Microbiome Movement – Drug Development Europe 2021 Congress to learn more about microbiome...
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[WEBINAR] Exploring the microbiome: Part 2// Bioinformatics and Data Science: From raw data to conclusions

Exploring the microbiome: Part 2// Bioinformatics and Data Sciences : From raw data to conclusions   Many nutritional or drug intervention strategies can modulate the microbiome. This topic...


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