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Posted On 2022-01-05

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6th Microbiome Movement Drug Development Europe 2022

January, 26th-27th

Come and e-meet us at the 6th Microbiome Movement – Drug Development Europe 2022 Congress.

This event is part of the major conference series for microbiome researchers in industry. The aim is to unite leading scientists from the biopharmaceutical and the academic community to further elucidate the causal role of the microbiome in disease, and to help create a new generation of microbiome-targeted therapeutics with predictable modes of action and consistent clinical outcomes.

We will be present the two days of event – 26th to 27th of January virtually with our team. 

Discover our virtual booth and chat with our team

To know more:

We are looking forward to see you there!

Don’t miss it! On Wednesday, the 26th January at 3:15pm GMT, Stéphane Deniau, our Chief Business Officer will give a presentation: the microbiome in clinical trials: a booster shot.

Monitoring of the microbiome is a long way with several traps to avoid, this talk will focus on 4 essential steps:
– sample sourcing & logistics
– pandemic rules of the “gut microbiota” game
– microbiome re-defined in 2020, which targets ?
– far from the t-test, here comes data science

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