Biofortis continues its development alongside Institut Mérieux

Posted On 2021-07-05

Benoit Fouchaq, Biofortis

Benoît Fouchaq, CEO of Biofortis SAS

As part of a new strategy, Mérieux NutriSciences has decided to sell the majority of Biofortis’ shares to its Management, through a “Management Buy-Out” project. However, the Institut Mérieux, a major player in the service of public health, remains a shareholder of Biofortis.

In order to secure the future of the company and the continuity of all projects, Mérieux NutriSciences has granted Biofortis with financial resources to support growth over the coming years.

As you know, Biofortis is a premium European CRO delivering observational and human intervention clinical trials to determine efficacy and impact on the microbiome of functional foods, ingredients, supplements, pre- and probiotics, microbiota-based and bacteriophage therapeutics for food and biotech companies. Hence, Biofortis benefits from a strong growth potential, and plans to develop new services dedicated to Biotech as well as the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, while introducing new clinical approaches made possible by digital technology.

This new step opens up new growth opportunities and increase the agility of the company.

With the support of the Institut Mérieux, we will be able to reinforce the innovation dynamics essential for the future development of Biofortis.

Finally, please rest assured that the quality of our services and client satisfaction will continue to be our main objective.

I remain personally at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.

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